Austrian Institute of Economics and Social Philosophy

The Austrian Institute of Economics and Social Philosophy, based in Vienna, is a think tank that makes the case for individual liberty and free markets from an economic, social, and moral perspective, aiming to bring these into broader public consideration. In this way, the Institute seeks to foster and promote an entrepreneurial spirit in all sectors of society.

The institute is dedicated to the dissemination of the principles of classical liberalism in the tradition of the Austrian School of Economics, as well as other consistently market-oriented and freedom-based approaches. Among its projects are “Austrian Essentials” (a series of didactically abridged and adapted classical liberal texts) and the annual Austrian Academy, an international free-market oriented conference held near Vienna.

The institute’s target audience is anyone interested in learning more about the Austrian School of Economics, regardless of age, educational background, or religious affiliation. The Institute intends to promote a better understanding of basic economic relationships, their social implications, and the vital role of entrepreneurs in fostering these relationships. It especially aims at spreading among Christians and those in the ecclesiastical sphere the insight that the goals of Christian ethics can be better achieved under true capitalism and a free market economy.