William C. Dennis

From 1968 to 1985, Dr. Dennis was a professor of American history at Denison University in Ohio. For several years he was also the director of the Denison University wilderness program.

During the Reagan Administration, he spent two years as Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Budget, and Administration, U. S. Department of the Interior. An avid mountaineer, Dr. Dennis has an abiding interest in issues pertaining to liberty and the environment.

Dr. William C. Dennis served Liberty Fund, Inc., and its sister organization the Pierre F. and Enid Goodrich Foundation in various capacities, including Program Officer, Director of Publications, and Director of Grants from 1985 to 2001. He ran the book-publishing program of Liberty Fund for two years and attended as program officer, discussion leader, participant, or observer over 300 Liberty Fund academic conferences.

Currently Dr. Dennis is an independent consultant in philanthropy.