Alex Chafuen

Born in 1954, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. U.S. citizen, married to Melanie Bailey, two sons, John and Gregory.


High School: St. Andrew's Scots School; Buenos Aires, Argentina. Insurance School Degree: Asociación Argentina de Compañías de Seguros, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Bachelor of Arts Degree (Major Economics, q.p. 3.91): Grove City College; Grove City, Pennsylvania. Licenciate in Economics: Argentine Catholic University; Buenos Aires, Argentina, (Graduation 1978). Independent Graduate studies at Centro Internacional San Juan de la Penitencia, (Ortega y Gasset Foundation, Toledo, Spain), received an honorary diploma, second semester 1982. Ph.D. Degree in Economics (with distinction): International College; Los Angeles, California, (Tutor, Dr. Hans Sennholz, graduation 1984). Honorary Doctorate: Universidad Francisco Marroquin, 2011


Grove City College, Grove City, Pennsylvania, trustee, member of the development and governance committees, The Chase Foundation of the Commonwealth of Virginia, trustee Prague Security Studies Institute, executive committee; CEDICE Foundation (US-Venezuela) VP and trustee; Fraser Institute, Vancouver, Canada, trustee; Alliance for the Family, McLean, Virginia, US, trustee; Friends of the IEA foundation, VP of the board; International Freedom Educational Foundation, USA, President and Founder; The Social Affairs Unit, U.K., International Advisory Council. Mont Pelèrin Society (since 1980); The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty (Secretary of the Board and founding trustee); The Philadelphia Society (since 1992); Hispanic American Center for Economic Research, Washington, DC (founder and president); International Advisory Council of Post-Communist Economies, journal of the Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies (U.K., since 2001); Mont Pelerin Society, since 1980, member of the nominating committee; member of: John Templeton Foundation, World Charity Foundation, and the Templeton Religion Trust.

Former memberships:

State Policy Network, Urban Policy Research Institute, later Buckeye Institute, founding trustee, left board 1998, Centro de Estudios sobre la Libertad, Buenos Aires, Escuela de Educación Económica y Filosofía de la Libertad, Buenos Aires; Instituto de Estudios Económicos y de Etica Social, Buenos Aires, (founding member); Fundación República, Buenos Aires, (Honorary Board Member); Fundemos, Bolivia, Academic Advisory Board; Journal for Markets and Morality, Board of Editors; Editorial Board of Libertas, academic journal of ESEADE (Argentina).

Donors Trust, Founding Committee.


Professor of Economics, National Hispanic University, Oakland, California (Aug. 1987, Oct. 1988).

Assistant Professor, Political Economy and Economic Policy, University of Buenos Aires (Faculty of Law, 1981-March 1985).

Associate Professor, History of Economic Thought, Argentine Catholic University, Buenos Aires, (August 1983-March 1985).

Associate Professor, Critical History of Economic Thought, ESEADE (Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, August 1979-March 1985).

Visiting Professor, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, Guatemala.

Professor, Introduction to Social Sciences, Universidad del Salvador, Buenos Aires, 1981.

Associate Professor, Contemporary Economic Policy, ESEADE, (August 1979-March 1980).

Professor of Economics for the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange, (August 1979, December 1980).

Teaching assistant, Economic Development, Argentine Catholic University, (May 1977- March 1978)

Professor at Acton University, Grand Rapids, Michigan (2009-to date)

He is the author of Faith and Liberty (Lexington Books, 2003) which has been translated and published in different editions in Spain, Czech Republic, Poland and Italy. Has written hundreds of articles which have appeared in newspapers and academic journals in the Americas and Europe. In 2010 he received the Global Leadership Award from The Leadership Institute.