Gerardo Bongiovanni

Founder and president of Fundación Libertad, Rosario, Santa Fé, Argentina’s leading free-market think tank;

president of the Federal Network of Public Policy Think Tanks (the State Policy Network of Argentina)

Co-founder of Fundación Internacional para La Libertad, Madrid, and general director,

founded and presided by Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa

Member of the board of directors of ESEADE (Buenos Aires), a Business School.

Member of the board of directors of the Carlos Pellegrini Foundation (Buenos Aires),

The City of Rosario Foundation and of the Rosario Regional Forum

President of Fundación Pensar between 2005 and 2010.

Member and former vice-president of the Mont Pelerin Society.

Former member of the RELIAL board of directors (liberal network of Latin America).

President ON24.

-Co-author of "The Explosion of Populism".

- Journalist, Anchor of the radio and television programs “A Fondo"

(Telefé Rosario and LTO Radio Rosario).