Imani chooses Lieutenant General Peter Augustine Blay as one of the top 5 Public Sector leaders

 Lieutenant-General Peter Augustine Blay

-Chief of Defense Staff, Ghana Armed Forces

Imani described the reasons for the award to General Peter Augustine Blay: "For maintaining the overall esprit de corps and sense of professionalism within the Armed Forces, especially against the backdrop of weakening confidence in the general security establishment, increasingly perceived to be wracked by factionalism, more committed to the survival of the government of the day than to the security of the state, and unable to stay out of cheap scandal.

True, every now and then the occasional military brutality in the North, or a confrontation between forces personnel and police officers, mar the front-page of our newspapers, but such incidents have generally declined under the watch of this Chief of Defense Staff.

Communication flow, never the best in the public service, has nevertheless improved.

We at IMANI were dead-set against the “Defence Industrial Holding Corporation” concept and the jury is still out on its feasibility, much less impact. But we acknowledge that even this flawed project is a sign of a military seeking to entrench its increasingly sturdy “political non-interference” character by finding “more productive” things to do.

We have also not been happy about the lack of progress in the reform of the peacekeeping compensation system, and the perennial whiff of mild scandal that seem to follow the remuneration of soldiers on peacekeeping duty. We accept that in some of these things, civilian oversight of the military renders the CDS something of a figurehead, but we believe more creative thinking can go into improving the lives of our service personnel, through effective deployment of the talents and energies that abound in the armed forces. Effective partnerships, other than flawed industrial projects, with the private sector would be key.

Still, compared to some of our security agencies, such as the BNI and certain units within the Police Service, we can confidently say that the military establishment under the leadership of Lieutenant –General Blay has painted a smarter picture of professionalism."