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Felix Maradiaga (Nicaragua)

"The task of civil government is to provide the security needed for the steady and continuous operation of private business."
Ludwig von Mises


Academia de Guerra del Ejercito de Chile
Fundación Pensar (Argentina)
Fundación FAES (Spain) on European Defense (in Spanish)

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Expeditionary Economics (Kauffman Foundation)
William E. Simon Center (West Point) 

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The Nuclear Renaissance and International Security: book review by Ignacio Ibäñez Ferrándiz

Videos of the attacks against civil society during March and April 2014 in Caracas, Venezuela (caution some are very explicit):

Freedom is not Free: Think Tanks and National Security

New document from Libertad y Desarrollo

Are Peruvian Terrorist Networks being reconstructed?

Pedro Cateriano Bellido, New Peruvian Minister of Defense

Free-Enterprise and security champions on the news:

Congratulating Sebastian Gorka!
The U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has awarded Sebastian Gorka,  the Department of Defense’s Joint Civilian Service Commendation Award. 

We began working with Dr. Gorka while he was founding ITDIS a think tank in Budapest.  Dr Ljubo Sirc and CRCE, UK, were key partners and published Gorka's work.

Publication on the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian uprising.

Slovenians debate the indictement of former Minister of Defense and former PM Jansa.

Jansa and Chafuen

Past programs of note:

November 30, 2011 in Virginia

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Tourism, Terrorism, and the American Economy (by C. Preble from Cato Institute)


Leviathan at War (on line book from the Foundation for Economic Education)
Butler's Inquiry on WMD in Iraq (Social Affairs Unit, UK, on line)
The Future of War: War since 1990 (Social Affairs Unit, UK. review or purchase)
Spinning the Spies (Social Affairs Unit, UK, review or purchase)

From the Archives

Arthur Seldon on his book Capitalism (1990):  "how much government power there would now be if Britain were a newly discovered country devising the ideal form of government. . . .What would it be doing in the archetypal public good defence?  Would it be spending as much as it has been, or less?  We cannot tell, because democratic politics in the polling booth provides no way of discovering public opinion on separate acts of government.  Decision-making by elected government seems the only feasible way for defence, a public good."   He continues, "But must defence products be manufactured by government in ordnance factories?  Hardly, because it is possible to obtain quotations form several British (and overseas) firms to discover the best terms for the taxpayer." Capitalism, p. 235.

Are terrorist rebuilding networks in Peru? (in Spanish)